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First Day of School!!!

Today was the first day of classes!  I rolled out of bed at a leisurely 8:30, drank coffee for several hours then headed to campus for an afternoon class:  Information Organization and Access.

The class today was mostly introductions and administrative details, but we did begin some discussion of how the internet changes the concept of knowledge and what implications this has for librarians and information professions.

We watched this video of David Weinberger giving a talk to start off discussion.


While it is very easy to get wrapped up in what Weinberger says (I found myself getting starry-eyed during it), it’s all a bit too easy and too neat the way he presents it.  The longer I think about it, the more problematic it seems.   But his framework of the crumbling of certain institutions gets you thinking about the place of libraries as an institution in the ‘networked’ aged and the degree to which libraries as institutions and librarians as individuals within that institution have shifted in their roles and responsibilities in the past fifty years.  The library’s function is no longer to serve as a depository of  human memory (as many books on the history of libraries present them) but is becoming more and more key to shaping the present and the future.

I’m excited to learn the formal vocabulary and to get a better grasp on the multi-media literature out there, and I hope to incorporate these to some degree into creative projects.  I’ve got several in the work,  the stories already started, a graphic novel, and a choose your own adventure story via spiceynodes.  Hopefully more on these soon, and definitely more on classes, projects, and programs put on by the GSLIS program and Urbana-Champaign community.


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