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Stories in the Library: Ex libris…

The cart had stood in the corner for almost four days.  The second floor obviously would not be coming to get it.  She circled the cart several times, reaching out occasionally to caress it.  “Another one going off, you all move on so quickly.” She let out a sharp bark of laughter as well as a poorly aimed kick: several books fell off the other side and she was rather surprised at the sharp jab of pain.  And she pushed it out, out, out, out…out of the cathedral-ceilings, dust-filled light, and thick air that implied sanctity and serenity of her floor.  “On with you, you great lug.”

She took them up to the second floor where they would go through a strenuous process of….something.  Something she wasn’t entirely sure of.  She parked the cart under the sign reading “Carts of Books Coming From the Seventeenth Floor to be Checked-In”  As she turned to the leave, a man sitting at a desk commented from behind a book, “I wouldn’t leave those there.”

“Well I would” she whispered and turned to leave, desperate to forget the whole thing.  She hated leaving her floor.

The man forced her to stop by saying “That’s not where they go.”

She had an abhorrence for things not being where they went that as of late had been metamorphosing into the twisted pleasure of unnoticed rebellion.  She had to stop and let the internal dialogue play out to decide if she cared or not.

She did, for now.  So she said as sharp as she could “Pray tell, dear sir, where do they go if it is not under this rather specific sign.”

“There” he said pointing to a corner with no sign.

She gave the cart a shove into the corner and was pleased that it bounced off the wall.  Then made a dash for the staircase.

Escher “Relativity.”

She thought she would not mind at all if they were lost; in fact she rather liked the idea of an entire cart of books floating around, lost in the gray space of the library simple because they failed to pass through a single checkpoint.  ‘Lost, lost,’ she muttered to herself as she swayed down the stairs.  When she reached the safety of her floor, she stopped and stood up very straight and almost dignified though to be more objective she only appeared constrained.  Her eyes were momentarily wide as if she realized something of great importance:  “What care is it of mine what happens to them after I get them off my floor?”


2 comments on “Stories in the Library: Ex libris…

  1. bottledworder
    July 12, 2012

    Loved the piece. Brings out the romance of the sort of labyrinthine qualities of old libraries for me, first lost to the harshly lit, escalator filled modern ones and now, the online catalogue. . . Have read only this entry so far but will keep reading. Keep writing!

    • fortheloveoflibraries
      July 12, 2012

      Thank-you for reading and for your reply! I checked out some books today on the architecture of old libraries so hopefully the next installment will have more imagery in that regard.

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